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Who we are

Established in November 2015, Platinum Africa Solutions Limited (PASL) is a very dynamic business consulting firm helping organizations to enter various markets and industries in Africa. Our focus for these organizations is streamlined to their process, performance, people, profit, growth, and leadership.


Our Mission

Helping organizations to establish, grow, and expand in Africa with tailor-made business solutions that bear positive results.


Our Vision

To become the most reliable business consulting firm in Africa with valid results, and a recognized brand changing Africa through entrepreneurship and business development.

Why choose us

Our services are rendered to startups, SMEs, and large corporations in various industries like Manufacturing, Finance, Production, Mining, Technology, Agriculture Transport, Sales, Health, Retail, Fashion, Service, Food, among others.

We also pay particular attention to international organizations seeking to expand their business operations in Africa from various industries including telecommunications, oil & gas, fashion, retail, and health.

Our experience

Business Consulting - 5 years
Business Planning - 5 years
Market Research - 5 years
Training & Workshops - 5 years
Business Crisis Management - 4 years

Our Leadership


Derrick S. Vormawor

Founder, Executive Director & Lead Consultant

Residence: Germany

Being the brain behind this credible firm, Derrick is always creating most of the solutions. He handles most of the clients and ensures their needs are being met beyond expectations as the Lead Consultant. When He is not being a consultant, then  He is busy being The Chief Executive Officer leading the vision and creating the path for a sustainable and profitable business.


Marvin Ofosu Acheampong

Board Director


Residence: Ghana

Marvin usually sits on the board helping in developing our company’s overall strategy and direction. Since the inception of PASL, Marvin has been very resourceful in giving the company a clear direction and making sure our shareholders’ value increases.


Bubune A. Fiati

Head of Business Operations & Consultant

Residence: Ghana

Bubune is continually looking out for innovative ways of running our business and serving clients. She is also in charge of reviewing our business partnerships and advising the leadership on what we should be doing and not be doing as a firm. Aside from this leadership duty, she consults for some SMEs and Startup businesses in our portfolio.

Our Partners


Benefits Of Working With Us

We're a Credible Firm

We have spent the past years building a strong reputation and credibility. Whiles others were investing in acquiring an office space, we were making conscious efforts to create a more credible consulting firm.

We've Gained Relevance

We are not only creating solutions for our clients but also creating tools that businesses and entrepreneurs use to create a better business. We release business reports and our founder is the author of The Business Model Matrix being used by hundreds of business leaders worldwide.

Innovative Business Processes

We are continually reviewing our business processes to ensure it better serves our clients’ needs on time. These processes are created and innovated over time with our people (clients and team) in mind.

There is a Bigger Vision

We are driven by our vision and leadership, and that reflects in all we do. Wouldn’t you rather establish a business relationship with a firm that has a clear direction and leadership?