About us

We are continually learning, and that is why we are able to give our clients more than just a consulting service.

We are PASL!

Platinum Africa Solutions Limited (PASL) is a legally registered and recognized business consulting company in Ghana. Since 2015, we keep helping businesses to start up, grow, and expand in both the Eastern and West African regions. 

We started off focusing on startups in Ghana. This gave us the experience we needed to truly understand the entrepreneurial and business landscape in Ghana. 

Years on, we now consult for companies starting up or scaling into other parts of West and East Africa. 

Our Mission

Helping organizations to establish, grow, and expand in Africa with tailor-made business solutions that bear positive results.

Our Vision

To become the most reliable business consulting firm in Africa with valid results, and a recognized brand changing Africa through entrepreneurship and business development.

Our Values Priorities Heartbeat

a. Respect: At PASL, we uphold the foundational value of respect in every interaction. We honour diverse perspectives, foster inclusivity, and treat everyone with dignity, acknowledging the inherent value each individual brings to our collaborative endeavours.

b. Reliability: Reliability is the bedrock of our operations. We pride ourselves on delivering consistent, high-quality solutions and services. Our clients trust us for our unwavering commitment to reliability, ensuring that we meet and exceed their expectations at every turn.

c. Constant Learning: We embrace a culture of perpetual growth and development. Constant learning is woven into the fabric of our company, driving us to seek new knowledge, refine our skills, and adapt to the evolving landscape. We understand that continuous learning is the key to innovation and staying ahead in a dynamic business environment.

d. Purpose-Backed: At PASL, purpose fuels our every action. We are driven by a clear sense of purpose that guides our decisions, initiatives, and projects. Aligning our work with a higher mission empowers us to make meaningful contributions and create lasting, positive impacts on the world around us.

e. Quirkiness: Embracing quirkiness sets us apart. We celebrate creativity, originality, and unconventional thinking. Our unique approach allows us to tackle challenges with fresh perspectives, fostering an environment where innovation thrives and imaginative solutions emerge.

Our leadership is Energetic Experienced Credible Reliable Super Cool!

Derrick S. Vormawor possesses an MSc. in Web and Data Science from the University of Koblenz, completed modules of an MSc. in General Management from the University of Applied Sciences in Göttingen, and a BSc. in Banking and Finance from the University of Professional Studies in Accra.

His track record speaks volumes about his ability to transform concepts into thriving ventures, establishing himself as a catalyst for impactful initiatives. He has charted an illustrious path across esteemed organizations such as Mercedes Benz-Mobility (Germany), FEV Europe (Germany), Coconutwork (Luxembourg), BenaCare (Kenya), and the University of Koblenz (Germany). 

Beyond his corporate triumphs, Derrick is a revered author and captivating speaker, gracing numerous public events to inspire and empower entrepreneurs, and young professionals. 

Bubune Fiati has an MBA with a focus on SME development from the University of Leipzig, Germany, as well as a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Ghana.

She is particularly passionate about socially and environmentally impactful ventures, and she translates this passion into her work as a strategic partner for clients.

As someone with an entrepreneurial background herself, Bubune understands the challenges that SMEs typically face and specialises in helping businesses see the bigger picture and break down large-scale projects into achievable tasks.

Bubune also specialises in bid management and talent management, having worked in multiple related roles in companies both in Ghana and Germany.

Kennedy Kufoalor is dedicated to nurturing leadership and fostering development at both organizational and national levels through rigorous research.

With an MPhil qualification in leadership and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Professional Studies in Accra, Ghana, he offers a unique combination of academic insight and research proficiency to drive meaningful change.

His commitment to leveraging scholarly knowledge to inform and shape practical solutions is apparent in his role in research and development.

Kennedy is also passionate about teaching and serves as an adjunct lecturer at some private universities in Ghana.

We are open for hire. Let's bring your business dreams to life together!