Founders’ School
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PASL Founders’ School runs online short courses for company founders and business professionals. The courses are tailored to new and existing company founders, entrepreneurs, business managers, business students, and business professionals.

The resource persons are experienced in their various fields and this ensures very practical teaching and learning experience.

Our current courses are:

  1. Foundation course for company founders (3 days, 1 and half hours a day)
  2. Consumer behavior & marketing course (3days, 1 and half hours a day)
  3. Consulting masterclass for business consultants (1 day, 2 hours session)

The courses usually run in Spring, Summer & Winter/Autumn and open to learners from all over the world. There is also a restricted admission, which means usually, only a selected few are granted admission for the courses. This ensures a small class size which also creates a more engaging and effective learning environment.

To apply for a course, follow the news on when applications are opened on our social media pages or through our news portal.