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A boardroom engagement that makes a big difference
Client Location: Kenya

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Transforming Healthcare Accessibility

Healthcare and hospitalization in Kenya are very expensive, bankrupting families both financially and emotionally. Fueled by the rise in the prevalence of non-communicable diseases like cancers and cardiovascular diseases, the crisis has 1 Million Kenyans pushed below the poverty line each New Year.

BenaCare Limited is bridging this gap by delivering quality affordable and reliable clinical and supportive care at the patient’s own home. They achieve this by building a network of healthcare workers who are connected to patients in need of care nearest to them.

They also empower patients and their families to take care of themselves through training on basic caregiving skills as well as health education at 2 USD per day.

Their online platform connects buyers of homecare equipment to sellers of used and affordable homecare equipment.

Platinum Africa Solutions Limited's integral role on BenaCare's advisory board has been transformative, guiding us strategically for over a year and counting. Their expertise in rebranding and strategy has led to sustained revenue growth, notable partnerships with entities like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and increased venture capital funding. With their continued guidance, we anticipate a future of ongoing prosperity and success.
Naom Monari
Founder & CEO, BenaCare Limited