Nsunam 360 Foods

Tapping into Ghana’s growing aquaculture industry

From a concept to a business plan to securing investment in 48 hours!

The fisheries and aquaculture sector in Ghana contributes 4.5% to the national GDP and is within the agriculture sector employing over 40% of the economically active population.

Our client intended to go into the breeding and production of catfish specifically because of the market demand and lower risks in production as compared to Tilapia farming.

However, there was a need for a fast turn-around time because the client needed to show the business plan to an investor who was only available for up to 48 hours. Therefore, we had to come through in less than 24 hours. 

We carried out a market research, and held a quick but effective discovery call with the client to know how much she was raising to quickly reflect it in the financial plan.

We selected some members of our consulting team to handle various aspects of the business plan. In about 24 hours, the business plan was done and sent to the client for review.

The client was able to present the business plan to the investor and got the funding. We also assisted the client in the negotiation process to ensure she was getting the best investment deal. 

Through our frequent strategy sessions and guidance, the client has been able to start the catfish farm, harvest it, and supply it to hotels, restaurants, and shops. We also developed a catchy business proposal to help the client attract more big clients.

PASL came through for me in less than 24 hours on a business plan, which was successful in securing an investment. I appreciate the team for their swiftness, reliability, and customer-centricity.
Mrs. Abigail Yeboah Fegurson
CEO, Nsunam 360 Foods